About Pete Blakeley

Big shots are only little shots that keep shooting -------Christopher Morley

Who Am I

Pete Blakeley

Before coming to the US in 1998 Pete Blakeley was the chief instructor at Annandale Shooting Ground on the Earl of Annandales Estate in S.W. Scotland. The area boasts some of the top sporting estates in the UK including the legendary grouse moors of the Buccleuch Estates and some of the finest driven pheasant shoots in the World at Drumlanrig and Castle Milk Estates.

For over fifteen years he owned and operated Border Tackle and Guns on Langholm High Street in the Scottish Borders. For several years Pete and his wife Alison ran Clifford Farm Shooting facility in Devon where they organized the pheasant shooting on the Clovelly and Duntz Estate.

Shooting Qualifications

Clay Pigeon Shooting association Coach (UK)
British Fields Sports Society Instructor (UK)
National Skeet Shooting Association Coach (US)
Associate Member of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors (UK)
Member of the National association of Sports Coaches (UK) 

For many years Pete owned and operated Border Tackle and Guns and for 7 years he was the resident shooting coach and sporting clays manager at one of the finest shooting facilities in the World, the magnificent Dallas Gun Club in Lewisville Texas. He then went on contract to coach the ISSF Olympic skeet and trap shooters all over the World. 

Pete is the author of six how-two books on shot-gunning including the best-selling Successful Shotgunning (please read the reviews on Amazon) and dozens of articles for several fine publications.  With over 40 years of coaching experience on bird hunting techniques, sporting clays and skeet, his innovative coaching methods have taught thousands of shotgunners how to reach new levels and improve their game. He is considered to be one of the most experienced and highly qualified instructors in the World today.  Pete has been a resident of East Texas here in the US for over twenty years. 

Perfect finish

Start and finish your day in top form.  Let me help you develop your form and diagnosis why you are struggling.

Foolproof Shooting

I have developed a foolproof way to repeatedly break every target on a skeet field in 2 hours.  Want to know how?

How Quick?

Some coaches tell you it will take 10,000 targets and 1-3 years to punch up.  If you are not improving, change coaches!

Great Books by Pete

Reading Targets

“Reading Targets” was written to help shooters to learn to read the variables of clay targets. All the pictures in the book were taken with an “eye-camera” that was positioned on the gun in the same place as the shooters eye would be. This means that all the bird/barrel relationship pictures shown here are the exact sight pictures a shooter would need to intercept the target as the shot is triggered. No more guessing about the lead that the 30 yard crossing shot needs or the 40 yard bolting rabbit!

A Pheasant for the Dinner

This isn’t a “how-to” book like my others, but everyone tells me it’s a good read. Of course, they would do wouldn’t they? I wrote it. But joking apart, when I was a kid in Manchester in the UK, times were tough and food was scarce. There were no government hand-outs in those days. The book my describes my amusing and often boisterous adventures with my friends and how at ten years old, due to my father’s crippling illness I managed to supplement my mother’s housekeeping budget and the family food supply with the help of a Webley and Scott air rifle.


This book contains advice from not only a fellow bird hunter but a full time professional shooting coach who explains why you miss and what you can do about it. In the field, successful shotgunning depends on creating accurate sight pictures as we trigger each shot. WINGSHOOTING explores the three variables that determine these sight pictures, developing the line of the bird, its speed and range, to help you decipher the correct lead for each bird. The book also describes something that no other coach will tell you………how to shoot more rhythmically and avoid “poking and hoping”.

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