A Pheasant for the Dinner. Two Pigeons for a Pie.

This isn’t a “how-to” book like my others, but everyone tells me it’s a good read. Of course, they would do wouldn’t they? I wrote it. But joking apart, when I was a kid in Manchester in the UK, times were tough and food was scarce. There were no government hand-outs in those days. The book my describes my amusing and often boisterous adventures with my friends and how at ten years old, due to my father’s crippling illness I managed to supplement my mother’s housekeeping budget and the family food supply with the help of a Webley and Scott air rifle.

When I left school, I always wanted to be a gamekeeper……………. but it wasn’t to be. I tolerated a mundane job for years until, to fulfill a dream in my late twenties, I moved to Scotland, married a local girl and we built up thriving business in the picturesque village of Langholm. Things were going well and we were happy but sometimes, life can deal us a cruel blow can’t it? On March 13th 1996, Thomas Hamilton shot sixteen five year old kids and their teacher in Dunblane primary school. The effect on our business was devastating and with very little money coming in, we were soon broke. On the offer of a job here in the US, I moved my wife, seven year old daughter and Labrador dog to Houston. There are lots of entertaining stories. I suffered the attentions of a hostile ostrich, a family of rodents who take up residence in my truck and I was presented with a congressional medal from Dick Cheney’s secret service bodyguard.

A Pheasant for the Dinner, Two pigeons for a Pie is an inspirational, amusing, humorous and at times a deeply moving account of the trials and tribulations, successes, frustrations and culture shocks that were experienced by a small family group from a tiny Scottish village as they start again in one of the biggest cities of the modern world.
Pete Blakeley, Lake Fork, East Texas.

Review. I bought this book mainly because I have the others written by the same author which I found very informative. This book is different but it is a tribute to what we can do in life when the odds are against us. Out of necessity, the author turns his hunting skills into income for his family when the chips are down. I found the book to be well written, amusing and funny in parts. Overall I enjoyed the early portion of the book, especially the historical references, but the rest of the book was still a good read. Dan Spellings, CA.
Review. The authors upbringing in tough times in the North of England and his optimistic decision to move forward in his life by doing something he believes in has its merits. Moving countries with a young family and the culture shock involved must be harder than we can imagine but the author does just that and not only survives all the pitfalls but thrives in his new environment. I found the book entertaining, witty and inspirational. Charles Shoemaker. PA

Review. Tough times indeed for a youngster that out of necessity steps up to the plate to support his family. Amusing, witty and moving in parts. Mainly due to strong influence from his father as a child, the author takes the knocks of life squarely on the chin. Fascinating book and a good read. A. Selleck. TX








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